Safety and Training

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MSHA Enforcement Alerts

The MSHA Enforcement Alert system is available to all  MAA members. This is a cooperative system supported by a number of state associations that represent aggregate producers. This site can provide valuable information to our members. You can access the site at any time via our website by clicking on the MSHA Enforcement Alert logo. Once you enter the site, you can enter citations that you have received and/or read citations that have been served on other producers. This is a way that our members can find out what is being cited and the reason for the citation. It will be most useful if members post information on the site in a timely manner. If you have any questions, please contact the MAA office at 517.381.1732 or via email,

2012 Safety Awards

The Safety Award Program is MAA’s way to recognize members that encourage and promote a safe work environment. In order to receive an award, the plant must have zero lost time due to accidents during the year. The Safety Awards were presented at the Annual Meeting held at Kalamazoo Radisson in April
Aggregate Industries
Pullman/Sweet Pit
Dundee Quarry
Portable AC #2
AC #3
Battle Creek
Aggregate Resources Inc.
Aggregate Resources Gravel Pit
Midway Gravel Pit
Prairie Ronde Gravel Pit
Quincy Aggregate Resources Pit
Plant #2 Power Screen
Portable Plant #2
Barrett Paving Materials
Pit 9

Carmeuse Lime & Stone
Cedarville Plant
Port Inland

Carr Brothers & Sons, Inc.
Deister #2
Allis #1
Telesmith #2

Consumers Concrete Corp.
Plant 1
Edw. C. Levy Co.
Buno Road
American Aggregate Highland
Hartland Sand & Gravel
Holly Sand & Gravel
Ray Road Sand & Gravel
American Aggregates Equipment Mechanics
Wallace Stone Quarry
Marine City Docks
Specification Stone Products
Specification Stone Products - Kawkawlin Yard
Levy Plant 1
Levy Plant 3
Elmer's Crane & Dozer
Lippman 1
Wash Plant #3 - #945

Fairmount Minerals, Ltd.
Bridgman Lake
Wexford Sand Company
F.G. Cheney Limestone
Sand Road
Great Lakes Aggregates
Rockwood Quarry
Sylvania Minerals
Recycled Aggregates - Crooks
Recycled Aggregates - Highland Park
Recycled Aggregates - Sherwood
Recycled Aggregates - Taylor
Recycled Aggregates - HazMag Plant

Halliday Sand & Gravel, Inc.
6000 Cone
500 Cone
Plant #1
Plant #2
Plant #3
Plant #4
Cliff's Sand & Gravel
JR Aggregate Evart
JR Aggregate Tyler Road
Hubscher & Son

Mid Michigan Materials
Shipley Pit

Stoneco of Michigan
Ottawa Lake
Denniston Quarry
Patterson Road
Zeeb Road
100th Street
Safety and Training Videos
The following videos are available on a loan basis from the MAA Video Library.

New Technology for Stockpiles

DVD showing new technology using remote control and GPS for dozers in coal mining. Approx. 15 minutes. DVD Produced by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Slips, Trips, and Falls


Training DVD for safety in mining environment. DVD discusses safe working procedures, observing and correcting hazardous conditions and following good housekeeping practices to ensure safety on the job. Approx. 9 minutes


Training Materials Collection for Metal/Nonmetal Mines


Fall protection is critical when working in mines. DVD discusses fall protection and inspection of equipment while working in and around a metal or non-metal mine. Approx. 15 minutes. Produced by the United States Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration.


Powered Haulage Safety I

This video provides an excellent overview of powered haulage equipment safety, including walk-around inspections. Great for refresher training, or new miner training.
21 Min

Power Haulage & Safety II

This video provides an excellent overview of specific hazards that occur during nighttime operations with mobile haulage equipment. Great for refresher training or new miner training. 18 Min  

Sand and Gravel Safety


This video provides an overview of mobile equipment safety, including conveyors and haulage equipment. Great for new miner training or refresher training. 15 Min


New Miner Training


This video can be a great introduction to sand and gravel operations in general. It covers crushers, conveyors, mobile equipment, and some lockout/tagout safety tips. 22 Min


Hazards Due to Stockpile Instability


This video covers over-the-edge dumping procedures, and the importance of checking ground conditions, and hazards when operating next to highwalls. 17 Min


Safe and Sound


This is an excellent Public Relations video if you do any blasting at your mine. It highlights the precautions mines take when blasting and storing explosives. This video may help re-assure the public that blasting is a safe operation. This is also a good video to introduce new miners to the blasting procedures taken at the mine. 13 Min


Strains and Sprains

This video is an excellent review of how strains and sprains happen in the workplace, and how to prevent them. 15 Min

Safety Gear: Hearing Protection


This video, hosted by Martin Kove, looks at how hearing loss occurs, types of hearing protection, and how to use each. 20 Min


Low Voltage Electrical Safety


This video takes a look at the most common cause of electric shocks in the mining industry: low voltage. It covers electrical hazards and precautions, first aid, and electrical fires. 20 Min


The JSA: A Practical Approach


This video gives instruction on how to conduct a Job Safety Analysis, and how to use the JSA as a training tool. Good for supervisors and hourly employees. 15 Min


Ed Miller Story


This video stresses the importance of wearing life jackets when working on a dredge. Ed Miller shares his personal story on how a life jacket saved his life. 13 Min


Workplace Examinations


This video gives procedures for inspecting the workplace before shifts. It gives many examples of hazards to look for. 25 Min


Attitude - It's Everything


This video takes a look at how attitude can effect workplace safety. 12 Min Hand Safety: It's Not Magic This video takes a look at how hands are easily injured in the workplace, and what must be done to protect them. 15 Min


Accident Investigation: The Big Picture


This video covers the necessary steps to looking at accidents, looking for the root cause of the accident, and prevention steps. This video is great for supervisors. 15 Min


Fires and Wires

This video was created by Detroit Edison. It deals with electrical and high voltage fires. This video also focuses on power line identification. 90 Min

Harvey Roles I: A Lesson in Emergency Care

This video deals with emergency first aid. This video uses a contrast of competent and incompetent response by the actors. Good for discussion on what to do or NOT to do in an accident. 15 Min

Harvey Roles II: A Lesson in Emergency Care


This video covers fundamental rescue techniques following an electrocution. Good for discussion on what to do in the event of an electrocution. 15 Min


Mining for Music


This video is an excellent Public Relations video for kids or adults. It talks about how mining minerals effects everyday life. 25 Min


Portable Crushing Plant Safety

This video looks at portable crushing and screening operations, and safety measures that need to be taken. 25 min.

Remember Charlie

The true story of a man, in his own words, who did not follow safety procedures. This video talks about the consequences of his actions. Not only did unsafe actions effect him for the rest of his life, but also his family's. 60 min.

The following publications are available from the MAA office.

  • Tailgate Training Manual
  • Air Permitting Guide
  • Environmental Permits and Regulation Guide
  • Zoning and Land-use Guide
  • Understanding Part 201 of the Environmental Code
  • Michigan Testing Methods
  • MDOT Materials Sampling Guide
  • MSHA Safety Guidelines
  • Commencement/Closing Form
  • MAA Model Drug Policy
  • Miner's Rights Books
  • Part 46 Training Plan and diskette
  • Noise Rule Compliance Guide
  • Safety Audit Checklists
  • Hazcom Guide
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