Safety and Training

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Safety Committee to conduct audits

For the past few years, the MAA Safety Committee has been conducting Safety Audits for members. This is a great opportunity for members to get a new perspective on their safety program.

What the Audit entails is the committee meeting at a member location and doing a walk through. Committee members look for safety violations or areas that they think could be improved. They don't only look for problems, they also look for the areas that members are doing a good job with their safety program. 

During the Audit, some members of the committee also take a look at the MSHA paperwork and make sure that everything is in order. This is an area that many companies get caught on, so having another set of eyes take a look is always helpful.

The Safety Audits have been very well received by the members that have requested them. This is a great way for MAA members to get some "fresh eyes" on their operation. The committee can offer its expertise and also learn from the process. 

"We have seen some operations that do a great job in most areas, but need some additional guidance in others," said Committee Chair Steve Ward of Elmer's. "This process has helped members avoid citations when MSHA comes for an inspection.

With committee members from various companies conducting the audit, there is a wealth of knowledge that is shared during the process. After the Audit is complete, committee members sit down with company representatives and go over what they found. The managers can then take that information and work to make improvements, and hopefully, avoid citations.

The committee is currently looking for members that are interested in having a Safety Audit this year. They can only do two or three each year, so if you are interested, contact Shada at the MAA office.


MSHA Enforcement Alerts


The MSHA Enforcement Alert system is available to all  MAA members. This is a cooperative system supported by a number of state associations that represent aggregate producers. This site can provide valuable information to our members. You can access the site at any time via our website by clicking on the MSHA Enforcement Alert logo. Once you enter the site, you can enter citations that you have received and/or read citations that have been served on other producers. This is a way that our members can find out what is being cited and the reason for the citation. It will be most useful if members post information on the site in a timely manner. If you have any questions, please contact the MAA office at 517.381.1732 or via email,

The following publications are available from the MAA office.

  • Tailgate Training Manual
  • Air Permitting Guide
  • Environmental Permits and Regulation Guide
  • Zoning and Land-use Guide
  • Understanding Part 201 of the Environmental Code
  • Michigan Testing Methods
  • MDOT Materials Sampling Guide
  • MSHA Safety Guidelines
  • Commencement/Closing Form
  • MAA Model Drug Policy
  • Miner's Rights Books
  • Part 46 Training Plan and diskette
  • Noise Rule Compliance Guide
  • Safety Audit Checklists
  • Hazcom Guide
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