Michigan Aggregates Association

2014 Award Winners

Aggregate IndustriesDundee Quarry
Aggregate IndustriesAC #2
Aggregate IndustriesBattle Creek
Aggregate IndustriesChelsea
Aggregate IndustriesEdwardsburg
Aggregate IndustriesSweet
Aggregate IndustriesWayland
Aggregate IndustriesOtsego
Aggregate Resources Inc.Midway Gravel Pit
Aggregate Resources Inc.Prairie Ronde Gravel Pit
Aggregate Resources Inc.Quincy Aggregate Resources Pit
Aggregate Resources Inc.Plant #2 Power Screen
Aggregate Resources Inc.Portable Plant #2
Carr Brothers & Sons Inc.Simplicity
Carr Brothers & Sons Inc.Trammec
Carr Brothers & Sons Inc.#1 Allis
Carr Brothers & Sons Inc.#2 Telsmith
Carr Brothers & Sons Inc.#2 Deister
Consumers ConcretePlant 1
Edw. C. Levy CompanyLevy Plant 1 – BF Slag
Edw. C. Levy CompanyBuno Road
Edw. C. Levy CompanyHartland S & G
Edw. C. Levy CompanyHighland S & G
Edw. C. Levy CompanyHolly S & G
Edw. C. Levy CompanyDeanville Road
Edw. C. Levy CompanyLyon Portable Wash Plant
Edw. C. Levy CompanyGrange Hall Road
Edw. C. Levy CompanyRay Road S & G
Edw. C. Levy CompanyAmerican Aggregates Mechanics
Edw. C. Levy CompanyBurroughs North Docks
Edw. C. Levy CompanyWallace Stone Quarry
Edw. C. Levy CompanySt. Claire Aggregates Docks
Edw. C. Levy CompanySpecification Stone Quarry
Edw. C. Levy CompanyKawkawlin Rail Yard
Edw. C. Levy CompanyLevy Plant 3 – Steel Furnace Slag
Edw. C. Levy CompanyLevy Main Garage
Edw. C. Levy CompanyLevy Ecorse Garage
Edw. C. Levy CompanyLevy Rouge Garage
Elmer’s Crane & DozerLippman 1
Elmer’s Crane & DozerJCI 1400 – #995
Elmer’s Crane & DozerJCI K400 – #956
Elmer’s Crane & DozerTerex 2100 Screen #1064
Elmer’s Crane & Dozer54″ Cedar Rapids – #953
Elmer’s Crane & DozerLippman V Crusher #959
F.G. Cheney LimestoneSand Road
Great Lakes AggregatesSylvania Minerals
Great Lakes AggregatesRock Recyclers
Great Lakes AggregatesCrooks
Great Lakes AggregatesHighland Park
Great Lakes AggregatesRecycled Aggregates – Sherwood
Great Lakes AggregatesRecycled Aggregates – Taylor
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Inc.Plant #2
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Inc.Plant #3
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Inc.Plant #4
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Inc.500 Cone
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Inc.945 Cone
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Inc.6000 Cone
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Inc.Cliff’s Sand & Gravel
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Inc.JR Aggregate Evart
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Inc.JR Aggregates Tyler Road
Hubscher & SonSumner
Hubscher & SonClare
Mid Michigan MaterialsShipley Pitt
Stoneco of MichiganOttawa Lake
Stoneco of MichiganMaybee
Stoneco of MichiganNewport
Stoneco of MichiganDenniston Quarry
Stoneco of MichiganPatterson Road
Stoneco of MichiganMoscow
Stoneco of MichiganZeeb Road
Stoneco of MichiganBurmeister
Stoneco of Michigan100th Street
Stoneco of MichiganMiddleville
Stoneco of Michigan6299 Belleview Ave.
Stoneco of Michigan3275 N. MLK
Stoneco of Michigan1700 Frontage SW