Michigan Aggregates Association

2015/2016 MSHA Citation Summary

In an effort to keep the membership apprised to recent MSHA citations, MAA has begun collecting a summary of citations issued by the MSHA- Michigan Division and is making them available for your information.

Click here to view the most current list of MSHA-Michigan Division citations.

After reviewing, it is recommended that you discuss the various citations with your safety officer and make sure that these deficiencies do not exist at your facilities.

Please note that this year MSHA is placing a heighten focus on electrical inspections.

To help keep the membership informed MSHA’s areas of focus, it is requested that you send any citation that you may receive to the MAA office so that they can be shared with the membership.  It is requested that only citation details, as displayed in the format depicted, be submitted.

To view a list of multiple state MSHA citations, please visit the MSHA Enforcement Alerts Website by clicking here.  http://www.mshaenforcementalerts.com/