Michigan Aggregates Association

MAA Chairman of the Board Receives Tribute from Michigan Legislature

On Monday, March 13, 2017, MAA Chairman of the Board, Rick Becker, received a special tribute from the Michigan legislature.

The special tribute states the following:

LET IT BE KNOW, That it is with great pleasure that we offer congratulation to Rick Becker upon his election as President of the Michigan Aggregates Association. Rick’s long service in the aggregate industry have earned him this position of prominence, allowing him to grow the industry throughout the State of Michigan.

Rick Becker has been working the in the aggregate industry for over 30 years, starting in 1986 at London Aggregates in London Township. Through acquisitions, Rick rose through the ranks of several aggregate companies, acquiring responsibly and influence. As the Vice-President of Aggregates for Michigan for Oldcastle Materials, Rick is instrumental in this vital Michigan industry. With the recent emphasis on infrastructure and road repair in Michigan, the aggregate industry has become an ever increasing vital piece in the economic prominence of the state. The has put Rick Becker in a prominent position on the forefront of Michigan’s economic future.

Rick’s success has come in part due to the strong support system that his family provides him. Between Dawn, his wife of 35 years, and his two kids, Veronica and Anthony, Rick Becker has been surrounded by those who have reinforced and encouraged him throughout the many advancement he has made in the aggregate business.

IN SPECIAL TRIBUTE, Therefore this document is signed and dedicated to congratulate Rick Becker for being elected as President of the Michigan Aggregates Association. May he continue down the road of prosperity and prominence that he has set himself on.

Signed by:
Joseph N. Bellino, Jr., State Representative of the Seventeenth District
Jason M. Sheppard, State Representative of the Fifty-Sixth District
Dale Zorn, State Senator of the Seventeenth District

Click here to view a copy of the Special Tribute.