Michigan Aggregates Association

Dayton Gem and Mineral Club Visits Quarry

This past week Stoneco of Michigan and Great Lakes Aggregates jointly hosted a visit from the Dayton Gem and Mineral Club to the Stoneco Maybee Quarry.

As a follow-up, the following was sent from the club thanking the two companies for their time and hospitality.

For most of us who have never been to the well-known Stoneco of Michigan, Maybee Quarry, it was a pleasure to finally see what all the old timers, who were there decades ago, were talking about.   There was plenty of sulfur and celestite to go around for those of us who were lucky enough to make the field trip.  The crystals could be seen in many of the boulders and on the ground in smaller pieces.  We shared our extra pieces with the members of our club and the rest will go to a local school.

On behalf of the Dayton Gem and Mineral Club, we would like to thank Chris Kinney, President of Great Lakes Aggregates, for taking the time to talk with Austin Fisher, Quality Control Manager at Stoneco of Michigan, on our club’s behalf.  We want to thank Austin for making the arrangements for the visit and to have the quarry staff with us as safety guides.  On Saturday, July 29, we were greeted by Heidi, Mike, and Josh.  We want to thank them for taking us through the safety training and for staying with us to ensure our safety while we were in the quarry.  Mike and Josh identified areas safe for collecting and we found some superb specimens of sulfur and celestite/celestine.  All three of the staff we met on Saturday were professional, making sure we knew everything we needed to know.  Also, they were very cordial and friendly to our group, which made for a very pleasant collecting experience for us.  It was fun.  You even ordered some great weather for us.

 Again, thank you for your help and time in making the field trip happen.