Michigan Aggregates Association

Great Lakes Aggregates Honored

This past weekend, Great Lakes Aggregates was honored at the grand opening of the South Rockwood Branch Library.  The $1.5 million complex paid for by Sylvania Minerals features a 5,000 square foot library and media center along with a 3,500 square good community room and kitchen.  The signature piece of the media center is a fireplace that allows for a true since of community feel.

Chris Kinney, president of Great Lakes Aggregates, called the building “fabulous” and said it demonstrated trust between the village, the community and the business.

“You couldn’t have assembled a better group of people from the village and company,” Mr. Kinney of Flat Rock said. “This is a feel-good project and the kids here enjoy it. That was our goal – that the community had something like this to use.”

To help commentate the grand opening, both Senator Zorn and Representative Bellino participated in the community event.

State Sen. Dale Zorn, R-Ida, said not too many communities build libraries.

“It’s not done very often,” Sen. Zorn told the crowd. “This is a great afternoon for a small community and another learning institution for our kids.”

Both Senator Zorn and new state Rep. Joe Bellino, R-Monroe, presented a resolution signed by Gov. Rick Snyder and lawmakers praising the village and Sylvania Minerals.

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