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Great Lakes Aggregates – Sylvania Minerals Quarry Hosts Elementary School Tour

Carri Dyl – Ritter Elementary School Teacher recently provided the following regarding an exciting and informative trip to the Great Lakes Aggregates – Sylvania Minerals Quarry

Ritter Elementary second graders recently took a trip to the Sylvania Minerals Quarry. The trip was sponsored by the Quarry. The kids were provided with a pizza lunch (YEAH) and also gave the kids cinch back packs with a Frisbee to remember their field trip. They were very generous to help make our trip amazing! Going on a trip to the quarry takes a lot of planning due to safety precautions. The team of workers did an outstanding job providing the Ritter students a safe, interactive, exciting trip. Bill Begley (Mr. Bill to the kids) the geologist and plant manager provided us with tons of facts about the quarry and about rocks and minerals. While we were down in the quarry exploring for rocks to fill up our bags, Chris Kinney and Mr. Bill were answering tons of questions about what all the rocks were called. The students were even lucky enough to see the blast of a hundred foot rock wall. The kids were very surprised at what they saw. They predicted the rocks would be shooting high into the air, but that was not what happened. The rocks did move outward and gravity pulled them down into the quarry. Quite often the students feel the vibrations from a blast at the quarry during school time. We learned that what we feel at school is the displaced air bouncing off the school building causing the vibrations. The students now understand what is on the other side of the trees behind Ritter School. The students were able to learn all about the various minerals that are found in our state and local community. We are very thankful to the staff at the Quarry for providing us with a fantastic experience.

Students had many things to say about this trip including:

“I really like seeing the explosion.”

“I loved searching for minerals even though I didn’t find a diamond.”

“I learned all about rocks and minerals.”

“Who knew rocks could be so pretty.”

“I learned that when they are going to blow up the rocks, they have a guy who will be in a yellow safety box and press the button and make the rocks explode by the dynamite.”

“I got to see a truck that had a lot of rocks in it dump the rocks into a crushing machine. Then the rocks went down a conveyor to drop into a giant pile.”

MAA thanks the many great team members of Great Lakes Aggregates for their ongoing community efforts.