Michigan Aggregates Association

Keep Safety as Number One Priority!!!

As of September 16, 2016, MSHA has reported that there has been 12 MNM fatalities as a result of a number of incidences including unloading of material, equipment operations, blasting, electrical shock, fall, and embankment failure, falling highway material, and equipment overturning.

Click here to review the latest 2016 MSHA Fatal Summary.

Also, make sure to view all work operations on a daily basis to make sure the following requirements that are set forth in 30 CFR Section 56/57.18002, Examination of working places are being followed.

30 CFR §56/57.18002 Examination of working places

  • A competent person designated by the operator shall examine each working place at least once each shift for conditions which may adversely affect safety or health. The operator shall promptly initiate appropriate action to correct such conditions.
  • A record that such examinations were conducted shall be kept by the operator for a period of one year, and shall be made available for review by the Secretary or his authorized representative.
  • In addition, conditions that may present an imminent danger which are noted by the person conducting the examination shall be brought to the immediate attention of the operator who shall withdraw all persons from the area affected (except persons referred to in section 104(c) of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977) until the danger is abated.

MAA has been informed that MSHA inspectors are continuing to place an added focus on the following areas: electrical, fire extinguishers, and pulley guarding.