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Legislative Update – Sinkhole debate leads to GOP infighting

The $100m sinkhole in Macomb County has sparked serious public infighting within the GOP in Lansing.  Former Congresswoman turned Macomb County Works Commissioner Candice Miller asked the legislature for $3m to assist in paying for repairs.  However, Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof (R – Holland) decided a $3m grant should instead be a $5m loan.  This did not sit well with Mrs. Miller who said “We have a collapsed pipe that serves more than half a million people and more than 40,000 businesses in Macomb County.  Senator Meekhof is playing games while the rest of us are working to get this problem fixed.  State Senate Majority Leader Meekhof has the wrong job title.  He is not a leader.  Term limits cannot come fast enough for some people”.  Not to be out done Meekhof spokesperson Amber McCann said “I think Candice Miller has spent too much time in Washington.  In Lansing, we like to fix problems”.  How will this one end?  Stay tuned.