Michigan Aggregates Association

MAA Captive Insurance Program – Workers’ Comp

As you may recall last year, MAA announced that we were researching various ways to bring you, our members, valuable services that can enhance your bottom line and the value of your membership.

MAA is proud to announce that since that time we have been working to create a member owned insurance program for your workers’ compensation coverage. MAA Members would receive underwriting and investment profit from the program at competitive rates. All claims handling and loss prevention efforts would be overseen by a board of directors of the program and in most instances, your local agent would be able to place your account into the program.

There are a number of MAA members interested in the program, however there are still opportunities to participate. This type of program is not new and in fact there are a number of these programs currently in place throughout the state of Michigan that have literally saved the participants thousands of dollars per year on workers’ compensation rates.

If you would be interested in participating in this type of program (or would like additional information), please contact the MAA office at 517-381-1732 or email dneedham@miagg.org