Michigan Aggregates Association

MDEQ Revises Relocation Notice Timeframe for Portable Crushing Equipment

Based on ongoing discussions between MAA and MDEQ regarding difficulty in meeting the 10-day notice requirement when relocating portable crushing facilities, MDEQ has recently modified their “Michigan Environmental Compliance Guide for Nonmetallic Mineral Crushing Facilities” to allow for a shortened relocation notice if certain conditions are satisfied.

Page 1-15 of the guide has been revised to include the following highlighted changes:

The Relocation Notice Form (EQP 5757)
Whether you rent or own the crushing equipment, a Relocation Notice Form must be filed at least 10 days prior to the scheduled relocation to your next job site.  The 10-day notification requirement is contained in the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 451, which codifies and classifies laws relating to the environment and natural resources of the state.  However, an alternative option is available.  If you have an idea of the locations you may be moving to throughout the year or even next month- you can tell us in advance- even if you don’t officially have the job or know the date you are moving!  However, once you do know the specifics, you can provide notice to the District Office of the relocation 2 days in advance by submitting an updated Relocation Notice Form (EQP5757).

Click here to view the recently released “Michigan Environmental Compliance Guide for Nonmetallic Mineral Crushing Facilities”