Michigan Aggregates Association

MDOT Released “Roads Innovative Task Force Report”

As you are aware, the recently passed and signed HB 4737 required MDOT to create a Roads Innovative Task Force and directed MDOT to perform an evaluation of road materials and construction methods that could allow a 50-year design life of a roadway.  MAA has been actively engaged with MDOT during this process and has provided input into the recently released “Roads Innovative Task Force Report”.

Click here to view a copy of the report.

The report will be finalized by June 1, 2016, so if you have any comments please contact the MAA office and make sure your voice is heard.

Also, MDOT will be presenting a summary of this report during our MAA Annual Meeting on April 15, 2016 so make sure you are in attendance to learn first hand the many aspects of the report.