Michigan Aggregates Association

MDOT Update – Various Items

As you recall in 2015 the Michigan Legislature approved an additional $1.2 billion for highway/bridge projects that will be fully phased in by 2021.  However, even with this additional funding, MDOT is projecting that they still will have an annual funding short fall of $1.4 billion per year.  This shortfall is for the MDOT system only.  Additional funding is needed for the local (county/city) system.

See attached information (that was recently shared with MAA) regarding the projected funding shortfall as well as how the pavement condition will continue to deteriorate as a result of the lack of funding.

In addition to the projected pavement condition, the attached information also includes various other MDOT information such as projected letting costs, proposed major work items (HMA, Concrete, Bridge), work by MDOT region and significant projects.

Click here to view the various MDOT slides.