Michigan Aggregates Association

MSHA Fatality Report – Truck Runs over Driver

On April 12, 2018, Manuel G. Rodriguez, a 59 year old customer truck driver, received fatal injuries, when he fell from his truck and was run over by the truck’s rear wheels.   Mr. Rodriguez was attempting to scan a card that identifies customer trucks entering the facility to load material.  Investigators believe Mr. Rodriguez approached the Apex Express Radio Frequency Identification Card Reader (RFID) but positioned the vehicle too far away from the RFID to scan the card from inside the truck.  Investigators conclude Mr. Rodriquez removed his seatbelt, opened the driver’s side door, and leaned out of the cab with his right foot on the clutch pedal and the truck in gear.

The truck moved forward, causing him to fall out.  The accident occurred because the victim did not properly secure the truck by setting the parking brake and putting the vehicle in park before opening the door and leaning out of the truck.

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