Michigan Aggregates Association

MSHA Safety Alert: Splicing Conveyor Belts

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) issued a Safety Alert: Splicing Conveyor Belts after four miners were fatally injured when performing work around conveyor belts in underground coal mines since Jan. 26, 2017. Two fatalities involved miners crossing the belt, and the third fatal occurred when a miner contacted a moving drive roller for the section belt. Most recently, a miner, part of the mine’s maintenance crew, was preparing to make a belt splice when the belt started up, resulting in fatal injuries.

Although this Safety Alert was focused on coal mines, it is important for metal/non-metal aggregate mines as well. There was one fatality in 2017 that involved a miner performing maintenance on a conveyor at a sand and gravel operation who got entangled in the tail pulley. Plus, there have been numerous serious accidents involving conveyors at aggregate operations.

Click here to view the full MSHA Serious Accident Alert.