Michigan Aggregates Association

Near Misses

Clay – A miner was operating a forklift when the forklift fell from the loading dock onto the bulk bag. The fork lift operator was wearing his seat belt and this prevented an injury or possibly death. Click here for Best Practices
Surface Limestone – A miner operating an empty articulating haul truck lost control on a downhill grade and overturned. The driver was hospitalized with serious injuries but survived, likely because he was wearing his seat belt. Click here for Best Practices
Cement Plant – A contract employee (victim) was using a hand held rotary saw with a worn concrete blade to cut through a 6-inch iron pipe. As the victim attempted to cut the pipe from the bottom up, the saw bounced off the pipe striking the victim in the chest causing a severe wound. Victim was transported to a local hospital and was released several days later. Click here for Best Practices
Surface Crushed Limestone Mine – A driller lost control of his drill steel and lunged to catch the drill steel in order to keep it from falling over the highwall. In the process, the driller’s footing gave way and the driller fell over the highwall berm.  However, his safety harness lanyard engaged, preventing him from falling over the highwall itself.  Nearby employees noticed the miner suspended upside down on the highwall and rescued the miner by dragging him up by his pant legs. The miner sustained only minor injuries. Click here for Best Practices