Michigan Aggregates Association

New MAA Membership Plaques

As you have noticed, MAA has been rebranding itself over the past year with a new logo, website, etc. and is now in the process of updating our membership plaques.  However, it has been suggested that we add a tag line to updated plaque that states, “Proud MAA member since XXXX”.

While this may seem like an easy line to add, our files do not indicate when individual companies joined MAA.  Therefore, we are requesting that you provide us with your best guess as to when your company joined MAA.  There are a number of new companies that have joined MAA within the past year so we have that information but if you joined prior to the beginning of 2016, this information is not available.

To help you with this task, we are also developing a MAA historical document to help capture certain events and accomplishments since inception.  Click here to view our draft document.  If you have any information to add to our historical document please contact the MAA office.

We are requesting that you provide the MAA office with your best guess as to the year that your company joined MAA no later than April 14, 2017.  If we do not receive a joined date by that time, your membership plaque will state “Proud MAA member in good standing.”