Michigan Aggregates Association

New MAA Safety and Environmental Committee Chairs

MAA appreciates the commitment from all of our committee chairs and members.  However, over time we feel it is valuable to obtain a new and/or different prospective and direction.

With that stated, MAA is pleased to announce that there is new leadership for the MAA Safety and MAA Environmental Committee.

The new chair of the MAA Safety Committee is Tom Downs, Operations Manager, Great Lakes Aggregates

The MAA Safety Committee meets on a regular basis to stay abreast as to the various mine safety rules and regulations, develop and host member Safety Summits, perform annual safety audits of member facilities, and provide first class Part 46 mine safety training along with CPR and First Aid training.

The new chair of the MAA Environmental Committee is Sue Hanf, Environmental Engineer, Stoneco of Michigan.

The MAA Environmental committee works closely with the MDEQ and the US EPA to promote reasonable and obtainable air quality, inland lakes and stream, wetlands, NPDES and other permitting regulations, perform peer review safety audits, and recognize companies that hold a high level of environmental compliance during our annual awards ceremony.

Please congratulate these fine individuals in their new roles at MAA while at the same time thanking our outgoing MAA Safety Committee chair Don Marsh, Edw. C. Levy, and outgoing Environmental Committee chair Chris Martin, Carmeuse Lime & Stone for their commitment and dedication to our industry.  MAA appreciates the time and effort that has been put into chairing these valuable and industry setting committees and are grateful that each has agreed to stay active and be the vice-chair of each respective committee.

If you are interested in joining one of the many MAA committees, please contact the MAA office for details.