Michigan Aggregates Association

NSSGA Update – Allied for Aggregates in Washington, D.C.

Hundreds of people from aggregates operations all over the country are gathered in Washington, D.C. this week for the NSSGA Legislative & Policy Forum/Fall Board Meeting.

Doug Needham, president of the Michigan Aggregates Association, highlighted how the state association and NSSGA have been working together to tackle a legislative concern in Detroit.

Some city residents and lawmakers are seeking to pass an ordinance that restricts storing aggregates inside the city limits, including a ban on piles of aggregates higher than 15 feet, a requirement that they be covered or set back 100 feet from water. One construction company estimated that it would cost $30 million to comply with the ordinance.

“As we were meeting with the city attorneys, state senators and representatives and others, NSSGA reached out to members of Congress to educate them on the impacts of the ordinance,” said Needham. “We also gathered a coalition of other groups who would be affected and continue to let city council members and officials know that our industry is already heavily regulated and we’re concerned about losing jobs as result of storing materials outside the city limits.”

NSSGA helped to draft a one-page whitepaper on the concerns with the ordinance in a single day, and MAA shared it with the press. Over 18 months, dozens of people have testified at hearings and meetings and continue to write letters and make phone calls in opposition to the ordinance. MAA continues to reach out to the mayor’s office to educate them on the impact of the regulations, as well, and NSSGA stands ready to support MAA as needed.