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The Michigan Geological Survey

The mission of the Geological Survey:

The mission of the Michigan Geological Survey is to conduct and facilitate basic and applied geological research that promotes the best use of Michigan’s geological resources for their social and economic benefits, while protecting associated resource values and the environment.



Michigan’s natural resources are the foundation for most of our social, economic and environmental benefits.  In particular, many Michigan industries rely on some aspects of our geologic natural resources. This can be challenging when information about these resources is limited or absent. The legislature and our Governor have made it a priority to better understand the magnitude of this challenge in our state and assigned the task of gathering necessary information to the Michigan Geological Survey.  The Michigan Geological Survey is taking the preliminary step of surveying stakeholders to learn more about their data or information needs and has developed the survey questionnaire (Survey Monkey) to assist it in developing tools that will more effectively serve resource users and management planners.  Many industries and several state agencies and departments (Stakeholders) are involved with natural resources in their daily operations or involved with overseeing and regulating the use of these resources. Stakeholders in all these groups have wide-ranging needs for unbiased and comprehensive scientific information about our natural resources to appropriately manage and sustainably development them.

You have been identified as a stakeholder that may use geological information about the natural resources of Michigan.  Please assist us by answering the questions in the survey.

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