Protecting and Promoting Your Interests


Safety Committee

The MAA Safety Committee meets on a regular basis to stay abreast as to the various mine safety rules and regulations, develop and host member Safety Summits, perform annual safety audits of member facilities, and provide first class Part 46 mine safety training along with CPR and First Aid training.

Governmental/PAC Committee

The MAA Governmental/PAC Committee helps set the legislative direction for the association.  This committee also represents the aggregate industry by promoting their interests in Washington D.C., Lansing and at the local level, monitors for impacting department rules and statewide legislation, and acts as watchdog for overzealous and aggressive permitting standards.

Specifications Committee

The MAA Specifications Committee meets on a regular basis to review current and proposed MDOT and local agency specifications to ensure appropriate utilization of aggregate material for infrastructure projects and to make certain long-term supply of specified aggregate is sustainable and by-products generated from the production process are fully utilized.

Public Relations Committee

The MAA Public Relations Committee’s purpose is to promote the aggregate industry thru a variety of ways including but not limited to the following: providing marketing information, teaching aids to school districts, and providing and awarding scholarships to students pursuing careers in the aggregate industry.

Enviromental Committee

The MAA Environmental committee works closely with the MDEQ and the US EPA to promote reasonable and obtainable air quality, inland lakes and stream, wetlands, NPDES and other permitting regulations, perform peer review safety audits, and recognize companies that hold a high level of environmental compliance during our annual awards ceremony.