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MAA Apparel

Lands End Business Outfitters

MAA Logo items are available through Lands End Business Outfitters. Use this link to order.

J.J. Jinkleheimer and Company

As you are aware, MAA members are very engaged individuals in a number of community events and also love to travel, hunt, fish, golf, etc. throughout our great state.

As a proud MAA member, you are encouraged to wear your MAA gear while you are out and about. Share with us a photo of you donning your MAA gear so that we can capture our many adventures and activities.

For those that attended past 2022 MAA Pheasant Hunt, you were provided a nice warm winter hat with the new MAA logo. However, the warmth of summer now upon us and the need for stocking hats is no longer required.

Therefore, we have worked closely with our partners at J.J. Jinkleheimer and Company to help outfit you in high quality apparel and accessories with the new MAA logo.

If you are interested in ordering MAA logo’d gear, click here to view a sampling of items that proudly display the new MAA logo.

Please note that if you can’t find what you are looking for Michelle Beitler at J.J. Jinkleheimer and Company (517) 546-4345 will be able to help you fulfil your needs.