Protecting and Promoting Your Interests


Invest in Your Future

Membership in the Michigan Aggregates Association is a cost of doing business. It is also an investment in the future, both immediate and long range. Association membership is a means of operating more efficiently. It collectively provides members with essential services more economically than can be done by the individual company.

The Michigan Aggregates Association is the spokesman for Michigan’s aggregate industry. The Association voice is distinct and clear, where an individual’s voice may hardly be heard. The Association voice becomes stronger as the membership grows.

Stay Informed

The Association keeps its members informed of trends and changes in the industry, as well as being the vehicle for presenting industry’s views to legislators. The same applies to governmental agencies that make rules and adopt policies that affect the aggregate industry. The Association also provides a liaison with State agencies, allied industries, the aggregate industry itself and its individual members.

The Michigan Aggregates Association annual meetings and workshops give the membership an opportunity to become better informed on industry matters. These meeting also give the members an opportunity to discuss common problems and solutions with others in the industry.

We Represent the Aggregate Industry to Government

Through active committee participation, the Association has the technical expertise that only a few individual companies can afford. This enables the Association to represent the industry in matters dealing with specifications and other areas effecting the production and use of aggregates.

The trend is toward increased government control of industry. Legislative plans for regulating land use, solid waste, flood plains, ground water, natural resources, safety and reclamation are examples. The best way to protect your interest in these matters is for your industry to speak out on its own behalf. The Michigan Aggregates Association speaks for the aggregate industry.

Our Strength Benefits You

A strong state aggregate Association is not a luxury. It is an essential part of the aggregate industry. It should be an essential part of your business. Membership is like having another productive employee working for you at a fraction of regular employee cost.