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Mission/Vision Statement

Michigan Aggregates Association

The Michigan Aggregates Association is Michigan’s leading voice and advocate for the aggregates industry. Our members who represent stone, sand, gravel, recycled products and slag producers along with the equipment manufacturers and service providers are responsible for the production and delivery of essential raw materials used in our homes, buildings, roads, bridges and public works projects.  The MAA provides unity among our members for a variety of daily operations and promotes high and ethical business standards that are both environmentally sound and safe.  Our members work with local communities and various youth groups to inform them about the many uses and benefits provided by this natural resource.

Michigan produces around 70 million tons of aggregate material (sand and gravel, crushed stone, slag, crushed concrete) annually of which about 40% is used as construction aggregates; 38% for road base construction; 12% for asphalt pavement; 10% as construction fill; along with various applications for concrete products such as blocks, bricks, pipes, plaster (drywall), snow and ice control, filtration, golf courses, railroad ballast, roofing material, and other miscellaneous uses.  Michigan’s aggregates industry employs approximately 8,000 highly-skilled men and women.

Remember, everything we consume on a daily basis is either grown or mined.

Mission Statement

Michigan Aggregates Association is the recognized advocate of the aggregate industry.  We promote best practices for safe and efficient aggregate production, responsible environmental stewardship and reasonable material specifications for our members.  Through community involvement, we educate the public as we create a sustainable industry for future generations by providing materials used by Michigan citizens in their daily lives.

Vision Statement

Michigan Aggregates Association’s vision is to promote favorable public policies that foster growth and innovation for the mining of materials used by diverse industries.  We are committed to rebuilding and maintaining Michigan’s infrastructure and economic prosperity.  Our members are committed to providing a desirable career choice by offering a safe and sustainable working environment.  We accept our responsibility to restore the land to its natural beauty for beneficial use and conservation for future generations.